The Rising Tide: Day 1

“A rising tide lifts all the boats.” The New England Council

For those of you that don’t know (like all my friends who think I just go to all these fun get-togethers), The Rising Tide Society is an educational community for creative entrepreneurs, focusing on community over competition. I am part of the West Michigan chapter and have met some seriously talented and kindred individuals.

Below is a picture from our most recent meeting (our philanthropy month) where we collected nonperishable items for HQ and colored lunch bags for kids food basket. Yes, I drew raindrops on the bag I am holding. Yes, the other bags I colored were just as simple/pathetic. I panicked and drew shapes.

Tuesdays Together

Well, tonight was the first evening of The Rising Tide Society Summit Series. We listened to three wonderful speakers and learned some powerful things about branding, building and blogging your business.

Jeff Goins (writer/author) challenged us to own what you do. He asked, “When does a writer become a writer? When he tells people he is one.”

Oh. Well, ok then. That was a lot easier than I thought. Go figure.

I am a: wedding planner + floral designer.

Ok, I’m also a fashion designer. Have you tried juggling two businesses? It’s hard work. Sometimes my head spins at the idea of having two blogs, two separate social media accounts, and I loose track of which business I’m working on or talking about.

One of the exercises for today was also introducing ourselves with 5 fun facts. I did this for both businesses. See? There goes my head spinning off…

Here are my fun facts + picture (for this business). If you want to read my fun facts for my fashion business, here’s that post.

Grand Rapids Wedding Planner - Saugatuck wedding style shoot

1. I am a wedding planner + floral designer.
2. I also share my time with designing fashion for my clothing company.
3. I love to travel but there is really no place like home. When I find time to travel, often it’s to visit my family, who all live out West or in Asia.
4. I am an introvert + shy and I tend to be extremely private.
5. I have a deep love of flowers. When I need a break from life, I head outside and garden.

This image is from a style shoot I put together from this spring. I like it because it shows I can let loose and have fun while working. I think I let my serious side show most of the time, so people forget that I do laugh. The male model is also one of my friends. He, like the rest of my friends, family, and team, somehow put up with me. And my businesses.

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