Kathryn and Ben

March 31, 2012
The wedding season of 2012 has officially kicked off with our first wedding. Here is a quick preview of the beautiful couple.

Grand Rapids Wedding Planner

A New Year, A New Season

In case you didn’t know, wedding season is upon us, especially for everyone here at js weddings and events. I hired my 2012 intern back in February and I am already thrilled with having her on board this year. If you haven’t met her yet, I hope you get the chance to very soon. Her name is Alexis and she will be a Junior at Grand Valley State University, getting her degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Be sure to say hello and introduce yourself to her.

Grand Rapids Wedding Planner
This year has already been very busy and is going to be very busy. We have had four great weddings this spring and we are looking forward to the others this summer and fall. Our lake shore wedding is this weekend and we are praying for clear skies, or at least not rainy ones. Make sure to keep your eyes on the blog as I play catch up on four weddings and work hard at keeping you up to date on the great happenings of 2012 here at js weddings and events.