A Day At The Symphony

November 8, 2009
What a perfect day for a little cocktail party. The Dilley’s started this tradition a few years ago and I got the rare pleasure of also being a guest. They hired a quartet, who are members of the Grand Rapids Symphony, to come and play at their house for their guests. It was an afternoon of hot and cold appetizers, cookies, and cocktails. The guests meandered and chatted to one another; the french doors opening onto the patio that overlooks the lake. While the quartet played, the soft fall breeze rustled the leaves on the trees in the background. It was a fun day full of fun people and good food.
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Leah and Ken’s Wedding

October 24, 2009
Leah and Ken were such a pleasure to work with; they were just the sweetest couple! Leah also said they are hoping to attend my church, so hopefully I will see them again! Anyway, their wedding was so beautiful. I loved the bridesmaids dresses, they were a gorgeous color and each one was a little different without distracting from the overall look (which having different dresses can do). Leah looked beautiful and so poised during the whole thing with her Uncle by her side walking her down the aisle. The flowers were fake but looked very nice and the ivy on the aisle candles looked awesome. Leah had a lot of bridesmaids, 8 total, and Ken had only 4 groomsmen. A lot of brides are concerned that everything needs to be symmetrical and even, but uneven sides is fine, as well as having men and women on both sides. These days we are getting away from the more old and traditional and making new “rules” (aka: no rules). Anyway, the wedding went really well (apart from the rain… October has not been very nice to me with all my weddings) and even though I had a lot to do for this wedding and a lot of running around to do, I got it all done while still wearing stiletto’s. All my love to Leah and Ken!
Grand Rapids Wedding Planner

Grand Rapids Wedding Planner

*sorry for the lack of quality on these pictures, I took them with my cell phone. Hopefully I will get the photographers pictures soon*