My Best Friend’s Bridal Shower

October 8, 2011
Carolyn and I had the fun honor of planning our dear friend Lis’ shower. It was a casual and simple shower with a small group of her close friends. We had the shower on an early fall morning, outside on my parent’s deck, with the bright sun, crisp air and the falling leaves. And, the occasional falling acorn or nut!

Carolyn and I had quite the adventures making the invites, buying the food, and realizing that mimosas have champagne, not vodka, in them. But, overall, it was a success and a great way to spend the morning in honor of my best friend.

Just in case you are thinking what are these… they are caramel apple music notes! The theme of the shower was vintage music.

My grandma’s china.

Draw Lis on her wedding day… on top of your head.

The beautiful bride to be and the lovely co-host Carolyn.
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