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For those few people that I have told, they are eagerly awaiting my announcement. I have been very quiet about {announcing} this new venture because it is scary and risky and has the potential to fail. Plus, the more people that know means I can’t very well pretend I never had such a venture. But, after the last few years of planning, thinking, dreaming and praying, and after a lot of encouragement and butt-kicking from those few friends {you know who you are}, I am taking a leap of faith and here goes nothing. I am launching my first fashion line. While I am in the beginning stages of the process, designing and redesigning, and constantly recalculating everything, the plan is to have a mini-collection available online just in time for Spring 2014. I am excited and nervous, but mostly excited. I have been designing and making custom wedding dresses for the past 4 years and while I loved it, designing ready-to-wear clothing was always the goal. So, in-between the meetings with brides, the weddings, and growing my wedding business, I have been running around town getting fabric swatches, dyes, and paint chips. And… staying up way too late thinking about every little detail. But here we go. Here’s to being 28 and taking risks to make dreams happen.
PS: The watercolor above is a sneak peek for the inspiration behind the collection.

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