Kirstin’s Baby Shower: All Aboard!

Sunday, April 3, 2011
I am always so honored and excited to help plan an event. This time, I was even more honored and excited since it was for my sister. Two of my mother’s friends were planning a small intimate baby shower for my older sister, who flew in from out of town, and they asked if I would help them. They had the theme picked out (trains) in baby blue and green, so I simply went and played it up. I dug through the toy bin and found wooden train tracks, then I bought some cute Chinese takeout boxes in blue and green, glued some buttons on the bottom to make wheels and voilà, railroad cars.
PS: Those takeout boxes also worked as my favors for the guests. I also made a cross roads sign that I hung on the front door, a banner that said Schuyler, and then found my baby blue luggage and my mom’s green luggage and set it out as more décor. Then I added some wooden train whistles, some train engineer hats and some white flowers to the mix, and the decorations were done. Add some punch, coffee, desserts and fruit, and you have a lovely baby shower. The fact that my nephew was there to charm all those women was the cherry on top.

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