DIY Hostess Gift Box

What you’ll need:
• Gift Box
• Variety of Items
• Crinkled Paper

What I used:
Wooden crate (I gave it a gray wash)
• Matchbook (similar here)
• Hostess serving set (similar here or here)
Chocolate Covered Blueberries
• Coasters (similar here or here)
Cheese Spreaders (similar here or here)
• Air plant

Gift boxes are wonderful to make because you can customize each one to the individual that will be receiving it. I find it’s easiest to if you choose a theme for the box that is appropriate for the person receiving the gift. Whether that theme is a color, an occasion (ie: housewarming, wedding, new baby) or interest (ie: coffee, wine), having a theme helps you pick out items and gives your gift a nice cohesive look and feel.

Have fun and think outside the box when it comes to the “box.” Bowls, crates, and many other things can be used as your “box.”

I like to include some type of plant in each gift box. Depending on the person, you could give potted herbs, succulent, a small bouquet, or even an air plant.

1. Lay out everything you want to include in each gift box. It helps you get an idea of what you have. Keep in mind you might not use everything you bought.

2. Place the crinkled paper in the bottom of the box.

3. Start playing around with where items should be placed. Generally, the taller items should go in the back, with smaller items placed on top/last.


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