Brad and Sara’s Wedding

October 3, 2009
Another rainy, rainy, rainy wedding day. Brad and Sara’s wedding was simple and pretty, nicely done, nothing fussy or fancy… except her dress. Her dress was gorgeous and glamorous – it was slightly fitted, white, sparkly, very flowy; she looked beautiful. The Pastor was late to the wedding rehearsal but also to the actual ceremony; needless to say no one was very thrilled. There were probably a little over a hundred guests, small and intimate. The flowers were all fake and done very simply. She and her bridesmaids also made all the flowers, a growing trend as people start to cut budgets. The colors were orange, ivory and red. The 2 flower girls did a great job (after what was looking like a problem in the making); they dropped leaves from their little baskets and looked very sweet. Brad and Sara were going to have a pumpkin seed send-off, but due to the rain, we nixed that idea. So, even with the torrential rain, it was a beautiful wedding and I had a lot of fun helping with.

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