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I am every excited to announce that the JS Weddings and Events blog is now a part of the website. No more jumping from my website to my blog! I am also excited to now let you be able to subscribe to my blog via the little orange RSS feed icon at the bottom of the blog. Stay tuned for all the little changes going on here at JS Weddings and Events!

Before Meets After

I am so excited to launch my redesigned website. Let me start off by saying that I am not a graphic designer, nor do I have any inkling of knowledge of web design. Thus, I hired my friend Amy Olchowski of AEO Design. Let me tell you about Amy. She is a graphic designer who lives in Chicago, and owns her own business, a graphic design firm called AEO Design. The work I have seen for some of her wedding invites and save-the-dates are to die for! Seriously, she is amazing at what she does and is so great at helping someone like me, who has no artistic ability when it comes to graphic design and websites, create a website that embodies everything js weddings and events is. All the hard work and countless hours she spent on it really show and I could not be any happier. Check it out below in picture form:

Grand Rapids Wedding Planner


Grand Rapids Wedding Planner

Measuring the Moments

I found these 4 different measuring cups fun and pretty and far from boring. If you have to register or buy a boring old kitchen gadget, it might as well be funky and colorful.

Grand Rapids Wedding Planner
Lady Bug measuring cups from Amazon: $25
Vegetable Measuring cups from World Market: $10
Fiesta Measuring Cups from William-Sonoma: $18
Blooming Flower Measuring Cups from Pier 1: $11

The Groom’s Gift

The tradition of giving gifts between the bride and groom is a longstanding tradition. However, just like any other tradition, you can choose to follow it or ignore it. If you decide to give each other gifts, remember, it is the thought that counts.
While you could get your groom cufflinks, a tie, or a money clip, my favorite groom gift is cologne. It can be one of his timeless favorites, a new one that when he wears it, it will remind you both of your wedding day, it can be a vintage one that you found in a cute boutique, or one that goes with your wedding.
Plus, it’s the gift that gives back to you: a great smelling husband to be.
Grand Rapids Wedding Planner

Finders Keepers

My mother was going through her pin collection the other day and I happen to be over there while she was sorting through them all. Growing up, it was tradition for my brother and I to give my mother a pin at Christmas. Some of them were cute, some of them were extremely flashy, but mostly they were fun. Over the years, her collection has grown: gifts from my dad, from her friends and those she bought herself.
As I was looking at them, my mind was thinking of all the possibilities that one (namely me) could do with them. Some of them would make awesome pendants for necklaces. Some would probably end up in the donate pile, but 1 in particular was destined to be worn in hair. It was a little bit old, a lot a bit classy with a hint of modern. So next time your mother, grandmother or sister is going through her old jewelry, think outside the box and you might end up with a pretty neat piece to wear, for, say, a wedding.
Grand Rapids Wedding Planner