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Something Blue

I love tradition. Yes, they might be old, stuffy, and boring to some, but things with a long history usually mean more to me. This is where my love of antiques comes from. Growing up, I would go over to my Grandparent’s house a few times a week and it was there that I was […]

Carrie and Jeff: A Year Ago…

… Two of the loveliest people I know got married on the shores of Lake Michigan. It was a beautiful wedding with an intimate guest list, a stunning panoramic view of the Great Lake Michigan, and full of gorgeous details thought out by Carrie and Jeff. Just a few days ago I was watching their […]

Mint Condition

I have this old, hand-me-down dresser. It used to be my mom’s, but in 2003 when my sister was moving to Ann Arbor to go to Michigan to get her doctorate, she wanted to use it. Somehow, being the little sister, I got talked into painting it. She had specifically asked for a light sage […]