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Mike and Jenny

September 17, 2016 Mike and Jenny are probably the kindest and warmest couple I’ve ever met. Seriously. From the moment I sat down with Jenny and her sister to talk about the wedding, I knew Jenny was going to be an absolute delight to work with. Jenny has an effortlessly relaxed demeanor, so it made perfect sense that her wedding consisted of a […]

Brett and Stephanie

July 23, 2016 From my very first phone call with Stephanie, I knew she would be a dream to work with and that her wedding would be one of my absolute favorites. Not only did she have impeccable taste and style, but she trusted me completely when it came to design. With her love of all things mid-century modern, and a […]

DIY Housewarming Gift

I stumbled upon this colander at the World Market in Grand Rapids and fell in love. Pure love. I tend to fall in love with housewares a lot. I stood in the aisle admiring its flawless curvatures, the beautiful copper luster, all perfectly accented by those golden toned handles. I definitely stared at it longer than one should stare at a colander, all the while knowing I […]

Growing A Garden

“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.” Claude Monet For those of you who are dying to see my garden, here’s a little sneak peek at it. With over 5 acres of land, there is always something growing. Whether that be the hydrangea bushes that seem to be different every year, the succulents that we bring inside during the winter, or the […]