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Floral Design
Floral Design

For the client that is looking for stunning and unique floral design, we are here to help you.

We will help you to decide what flowers, colors and styles you love and inspire you the most. Whether you are looking for whimsical hand tied bouquets or elegantly styled centerpieces, we will work with you to design and create the perfect flowers for your event.

We are keen for unexpected and extraordinary combinations of gorgeous colors and textures. With inspiration growing right outside in our gardens, we draw upon years of growing up around flowers, gardening and landscape design.

We offer full floral design services for any event as a separate investment. Each floral quote is customized to the client and their budget. While we do not have a minimum starting price, most of our clients have a floral budget starting at $2,000. However, depending on the size of your event, the budget may be more or less.

We also offer individual custom arrangements.

Please contact us for your personalized floral needs. We can’t wait to hear from you!

A Walk In The Garden With Jessica Swagman

Why did you choose to be a floral designer?

I never pictured myself as a floral designer. I grew up around flowers and gardening (both of my parents are serious gardeners) and I’ve always loved learning about them, but I never thought it would be a profession. After my event planning company became established, the floral design part became a natural and organic business expansion.

What is your floral design style?

I love moody, textured and whimsical garden arrangements that still have  some structure to them. I also love making my arrangements asymmetrical using soft and lush greenery.


Yes, moody. For example, I will take a soft and romantic color palette of blooms and add in a deep, dark color. This brings depth and drama to the arrangement but it still remains romantic.

What is your favorite flower?

I seriously have never met a flower I didn’t like. But, if I had to choose, it would be the peony. Growing up as an Asian adoptee in a Dutch family, my parents taught me to embrace my ethnicity. One of my favorite books was an Asian Fairytale which took place among gardens of peonies. So, my love for peonies goes a lot deeper than just the fact that they a beautiful blooms. I also love hydrangeas.

What is an easy way to add interest to a flower arrangement? 

I love using fruit (that’s still on the branch) and fresh garden herbs. For autumn arrangements, I like adding branches of red or golden leaves.

What is your favorite vessel?

I love footed bowls. Metallic, ceramic, or cement. Vintage, new, slightly broken and beat up. I’ll take them all.

What is your favorite part of being a floral designer?

Going outside to my gardens. Last year was the first year I started growing my own flowers and there is something so soothing about gardening. I love getting my hands in the dirt; it’s seriously good for the soul. Sometimes I’ll just take a stroll and look at what’s blooming. With a perennial garden, there is always something budding, blooming, and dying, and it’s beautiful.

So you grow your own flowers?

I don’t grow all of the flowers I use, but I grow a some of them. This coming year I will be expanding my garden and adding in a lot more flowers. I’ve started choosing the blooms and plotting the land layout, and come spring I will be outside working the ground. I am so excited.